Games Journo Story

“It doesn’t actually matter” – Indie Games Blog

“That’s no surprise” –

“Comprehensively bent” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“I gave up halfway through” – GameInformer

“Finally, the wait it over!” [sic] – Kotaku Australia

Games Journo Story is a sorta-RPG about an aspiring games journalist. It is a one hundred percent true story maybe. Even that bit in the toilet.

You’ve heard of games journalism. You’ve even heard of games journalism journalism. Now you can play the world’s first games journalism journalism game (which isn’t really a game).

When good Megabuses go not-good.

Join our hero Arthur McStension as he travels to The London with his antagonistic music-loving hatefriend Tom O’Bedlam. Together they will drink both good and bad drinks, exchange abhorrent musical tastes and try to impress some of the most infamous games journalists in Hampstead.

He’s only joking.

Writhe in agony as they play the most finely crafted games in non-existence, while you are stuck with something crudely made in 2011 using RPG Maker. And be pleasantly surprised at the delightful soundtrack by Captain Kennedy and Blackbeard’s Tea Party.

The carpet is red because of all the violence games make you do.

Reviews from all the fictional publications in Games Journo Story would probably average it at 65 on Metacritic. At least, that is what our top Brendans have to say on the matter. So, if you haven’t clicked already: please click to download. That doesn’t work. You can get it from

It should take you 15 mins to complete (or 2.5  mins to form a solid enough opinion to hate me forever and leave nasty words for me to feel bad about).

Here is a full list of game features, just like they do on the boxes in the shops, but without the amazing smell of a fresh game manual.


  • Both good and bad alcoholic beverages.
  • Stylistic decisions. Review games by wild swearing, thoughtful analysis or other!
  • Multiple endings (two!) and a special secret third one maybe.
  • A reference to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Intellectual!
  • The death of one (non-essential) character.
  • Creative and liberal use of the Cutout filter in Photoshop.
  • A soundtrack featuring Captain Kennedy and Blackbeard’s Tea Party.

29 responses to “Games Journo Story

  1. Michael Rose

    Just yes.

  2. Ben

    This is just crying out for a Forge Media version…

  3. Gemma

    This is brilliant…also explains why you dont have a job :P

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  5. Absolutely wonderful beyond words.

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  7. I am amaze.

    Good work pal. Definitely getting one of these on the go XD

  8. Glynn

    Very enjoyable

  9. Oh shit, did you make a game about us and these things we try to do?

    I could weep. I mean it.

    Was funny too.

  10. Tom O'Bedlam

    Immortality! At last!

  11. Genius! Even if a lot of the jokes went over my head…

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  13. MCR

    You are a good writer.

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  15. benjamin strong

    The faces in this game are as shitty as the faces in Runescape XD. BUT AWESOME GAME……you know, for a free game…..

  16. Damn me for using a Mac! I wanted to compare this to real life! *shakes fist at sky*

  17. I love this. Smartly told and very human.

    I quit a steady job to get started as an independent developer a few months ago and I completely empathise with the inward, bubbling panic that makes LYRICS GAME seem reasonable and appropriate.

  18. Andrew

    Serious japes were had with this. Good work!

  19. This is hilaradorable. Good luck, man!

  20. DrazharLn

    This was the best short-form game I played this week, you did a good.

  21. Dustin Smith

    I really hope Tim Rogers makes a cameo appearance.
    Downloading with frothing demand, at 14 kb/s.

  22. You Don't Need To Know My Name

    hey smart one im allot younger than you and i could probably make a better game than this, first of all you used rpg maker vx to make this second of all you used al lot of defaults, third you actually have no features that are worth listing, im very young and i have made (making) a better game than this, BTW I WORK ALONE!! Pisses me of when this happens.

  23. This is perfect for replaying after you’ve listened to all the episodes of Checkpoints.

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