A large single player Quake map designed with retro “vanilla” textures. The player infiltrates a castle of crude ramparts, bulky crenellations and nasty traps. Yes, it is ugly, but the focus is on layout and encounter design. One player described the level as “low on artistry… but high on craftsmanship”. Which doesn’t sound like a compliment, but it is! There are many things I would change today, but it met my design goals at the time.


My main goal here was to encourage exploration. So I included a large number of secrets and unlockable shortcuts. I also wanted to toy with the seasoned Quake player’s expectations. So there is liberal use of traps, including traps which, once cleared, are simply followed up with another “gotcha”. You can see an example of this in a playthrough by Jag Taggart. I wanted the player to feel like a hapless gatecrasher, which resulted in a set piece in which they are served up at a monster’s birthday party. I didn’t want this to be a complete surprise, so players who explore are rewarded with an overlooking window through which they can see the “party” before they are “invited” into it.


You can download this from Quaddicted.


Thank you to playtesters Greenwood and Mista Heita.

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