MANSION (Halo 5)


A multiplayer arena for Halo 5, set in a mansion of exposed stairs and glass walkways, with a lobby that can be crossed using hanging platforms, and a zen garden with elevator access to upper floors and the roof.


The goal was to create an arena that felt derelict, easily navigable and memorable. Parts of it are crumbling and open to the exterior. The theme also allowed me to use vines and overgrowth as markers for mountable ledges (traversal being important in Halo 5). Thick bushels of hanging ivy also worked as soft cover to break critical lines of sight.

However, the main goal of this project was to simply learn the fundamentals of Forge, the level editing tool for Halo 5. It’s a limited tool, with budget restrictions (especially in terms of lighting) and a workflow that requires the use of lots of pre-fabs. As a result this remains rough, has not been playtested by others, and would need a lot more work to be viable.

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