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As editor:


De Tres Al Cuarto – A pair of second-rate comedians put on a brave show in this deckbuilding narrative game (part of Essays On Empathy, a collection of games by Deconstructeam). Written by Jordi de Paco, I had a great time working as an editor on this, proofreading, making suggestions and tidying up. Art is by Marina González. Sound and music is by Paula Ruiz “fingerspit”.

As writer:


Shovel Mech – A snow-shovelling mech and its prisoner operator argue about how much work they have left to do. Made in a couple of days for a game jam, I learned how to add a big mechanical button to the story using Ink and CSS. I want to continue this story some day.


All My Friends Live In A Box – A woman wakes up and opens her box of friends. Written in one weekend for Ludum Dare 48. I streamed the whole process of writing this in Ink and it was exhausting but really rewarding.


You Have 4 Worms Left – You are in a dark place with a limited number of worms. A simple horror prototype. Made to learn my way around variables in Ink and other stuff.

Scalene itch cover - twitter

Scalene – A sci-fi love triangle between a slob, a cosmonaut, and the moon Europa. The first story that involves a AI machine known as The Gleam, who witnesses events in the solar system from afar. A character who returns in other games below.

Day Savings Crime cover

Daylight Savings Crime – A legal drama about Martian lawyers, Earth honey, and a broken robot on the surface of Mercury. Another silly story set in what I will call The Gleam Universe, why not.


The Last Anarchist – A bot union goes on strike for a 24-hour working day and something sinister stirs on Venus. Part of The Gleam Universe, an established franchise to which you may purchase the rights for a suitable figure.


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Stringfoot (short story published in Brevity is the Soul by Liberties Press)

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