I’m a level designer and writer currently based in Northern Ireland. I work with some studios on narrative design, writing, and editing, and others in the role of level design. I have experience of Unreal Engine and Trenchbroom, creating levels for retro shooters and character action games. I’ve worked on a fistful of indie games (click images below for details), as well as my own interactive fiction and short stories. I also completed a hefty tenure in games journalism, for my sins.

Games I’ve worked on

Slave Zero X
Level Designer
Paradise Marsh
Additional Writing
Essays On Empathy
Editor (De Tres Al Cuarto)
Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
LQA Tester

In my journalism career I worked for Rock Paper Shotgun as Features Editor, and was a sub-editor at the Guardian. I have freelanced for IGN, PC Gamer, Gamasutra, Eurogamer, The Escapist, and Edge. I have written scripts and reviews for board game website Shut Up & Sit Down and was the host of Hey Lesson, a podcast where I asked experts questions inspired by video games.

For my fiction writing I was shortlisted for the Desperate Literature Prize in 2020 for the short story Omar’s Ashes and I’ve been published by Liberties Press in the short story collection Brevity is the Soul.

I studied at the University of Sheffield, where I got a BA in Journalism and a MA in English Literature and Creative Writing.

LinkedIn: Brendan Caldwell

YouTube: MrBrendyC

Level Design Projects